Meet Andy (or whatever you want to call him), our main character, is a shy high school senior but, don’t worry ladies, he’s 18! Since his parents are going through a rough divorce, they decided to send him to live with his grandmother for a while. However, he’s greeted at the airport by a very enthusiastic Chloe, a cousin he hasn’t seen since he was a small child. Turns out that his grandmother is travelling abroad, and they will be home alone for some time.

Andy must start in a new school, meet some friendly people and some not so friendly. He will have to get a job and make some money to buy gifts and take girls on dates. It seems that he has some interesting times coming his way in Bonner Town.

Name Andy
Age 18
Zodiac Cancer Cancer
Birthday July 19
First appearance July 19, 2020 in v0.01

Height 5' 7" (1.70 mts)
Weight 159 lbs (72 kg)