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The High School Days Game


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Developing a game (like most of the projects) requires time, lots and lots of time, but since most of us works on the game on our free time, we need the support of all of our Sponsor in order to afford working full time in the game, at least the two basic branches, Graphics and Coding.


We add new content, with more stories and more paths to come, you will have more options to follow, you might end up going the wrong way... you'll never know!

The future of the game can and will improve, allowing us to affort video animation, voice overs, more complex coding, etc… all of this are too expensive, but with the pledge of our supporters, this will become a reality.

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HD graphics

Every image in the game has been created for zero, first drawn in a paper, then scan and digitalized, then colored. Creating original contact in the highest quality.

Ren'Py engine

We choose to work with Ren'Py, since it’s the simplest and more friendly game development system, allowing running the game in different platforms.

FX sound system

We record our own FX sounds, creating the sensation as if you were in the game itself.

Patreon Exclusive content

The game is a freeware, which means, anybody can download it and play it, however, only Patreons get the uncensored version. ;)

Current development status for v0.18

Bugs Fixed
Story writing
Updated: jul 19, 2024 at 1:34 pm.(-6 GMT)

Get to know who you will be playing with... or who will be playing with you ;)

  • Fox Girl
  • Katherine
  • Chloe
  • Emma
  • Wolf Girl
  • Ms. Principal

High School Days is an Adult video game, it contains explicit graphics and strong language, that may not be suitable for younger audience. As the game development progresses, it will contain more and more graphics of adult nature. As a means of precaution, only Patreons have access to a uncensored version, and some scenes may not be included in the public version. Categories: Eroge, Ecchi, Harem.

The High School Days Game is an Adult video game