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The people have spoken, and we will listen!

With over 1,000 votes cast on Patreon, Discord, our webpage, and several other forums, our winner is Jessica!

She will be the girl we focus on for the 0.09 release, expanding her in-game story and interactions with our MC. Violet will be our girl in the 0.1 release and Ashely in our 0.11, so now we have a clear path for developing the game.

This doesn’t mean other girls won’t have any interactions; they will. It’s just that the main arc will be focused on these girls, but you can expect a bit more interactions and story extensions of any other girl.

This year, our goal is to expand ALL of the girl’s stories, current and new. So if your favorite girl didn’t win, don’t worry. She will get her turn eventually.

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped with the game’s development. We take great pride in being able to say that our players actively help us shape the game and its future.

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