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Version 0.09 is out!

We would like to inform you that version 0.09 is up and running!

In this update, we finished several events that didn't have a proper ending in previous releases, so we needed to close those stories to make room for new ones.

There will be 4 stories in this update:

The first is a direct continuation of the last update, but due to time and money, we couldn't finish back then. However, we needed to finish it, so to trigger this event, you will need to complete the 0.08 and keep all of the dish or part of it to trigger this event. If you gave all the fish to Emma, the scene won't trigger, and you will have to play the previous update again.

Another story from this release is a direct continuation of the Gala event, which you will have to finish the Gala with all three girls (Ginger, Sophie, and Chloe); otherwise, you won't be able to trigger the rest of the story.

The third story is a continuation of the Rave event; you just have to wait 5 in-game days to trigger it.

And for the last scene, you must have gone on at least 6 dates with Ginger and 6 dates with Frida to trigger it.

We have already started working on our next update (0.10), focusing again on two girls for this update and, if time and money allow it, a third girl.

So, once again, we thank you for playing our game and would especially like to thank all our Patreons who support the development and continuation of the game.

Thanks, and happy clicking! =ˆ.ˆ=

To download, please go to https://www.thehighschooldays.com/downloads/

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