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Working on version 0.10

  • Friday, May 5, 2023
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Thanks to everyone who downloaded version 0.09 of our game. With this, there are already 10 updates that we have made until today. Fortunately, no major bugs within the game were reported, except for some minor bugs that will be fixed in the next update.

So, that means we will continue working on our next release 0.10, which will have 3 updates.

  • The first will follow up on an event that happened in update 0.09.
  • The second one will also follow up on an event that happened in update 0.09 but in a much smaller size.
  • And the third will start the adventure of one of our pending girls.

Update 0.09 was very ambitious, and unfortunately, we missed the delivery time by a lot, so in update 0.10, we will be more moderate in the content it will include, so we can have updates much faster.

We are very grateful for your constant support in the development of this game, and especially to all our Patreons who continue to make this project a reality.

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