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Well, one more release successfully done, with some minor bugs, but almost everything has been solved in the 0.102 release. There are few minor bugs still out there but nothing that could ruin your gaming experience.

So now that that's out of the way, time to focus on what’s coming for the release 0.11!

Since we had a few problems in the last few weeks, we couldn’t add the Ashely part we wanted for this update, but that might be for best, since we were going to add just a small intro. But this time, we will add a more complete arc for her. We are already working on her images, and the story will start the relationship between the MC and that cute, shy little fish... But you better be careful or, in the process, you might end up catching a more aggressive and feisty fish!

We are also working on a second scene that will be a follow-up of one of the scenes from the last update. There is a reason why you were stopped and questioned when you were leaving your date’s home after some “quality time”. This small scene will follow up that story.

We hope we can manage to keep on schedule this release. Thanks to all of you Patreons and supporters, we have grown a bit more in the last few weeks, which will allow us to pump a little more money to the game, making the process a bit faster.

We cannot express enough thanks to all of the Patreons who have stuck with us in the development of the game. It is thanks to you that we can make this project possible!

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