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These last updates has proven to be quite challenging due to our changes to the core code to open the possibility for more naughty and fun adventures.

It has been almost 4 years since the game was first launched, and when we started programming the code, we did not consider many possibilities that we later came to regret. But since this was our first game, we had no idea that we were going to need them, we basically started making it in a “trial and error” method.

The core code changes we made during these past releases caused some bugs to show up, and, although these bugs only showed up to less than 1% of players (which we can consider satisfactory), the game didn't progress as we wanted. These changes will allow us to open the story to new heights, allowing us to tell new stories with all the characters, without limitations. You saw an example of this with the Winter Vacation with Felicia, a whole new world was brought to you; a few releases back, this would have been impossible for us.

We are pleased to announce that zero major bugs were reported in the 0.14 release, only a few very minor ones like typos, but nothing that disrupted the gameplay. So, we can happy say that the adjustments worked as expected. We will be making other changes to the core code in the release 0.15, but we think they will be minimal and most likely the final ones.

Now we can let our imagination fly and create new stories that everyone likes. We still have a lot of characters we haven't touched on (in terms of their story!), and scripts have already been written for most of them, like Emma and Lillian’s stories, and well, it's a good time to do it.

We are very grateful to all the players. Every day, we grow a little more in players and Patreons, allowing us to continue moving forward.

Again, thanks to each and every player who helped us polish this game so that it is to everyone's liking.

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