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  • Tuesday, January 30, 2024
  • Tags: 0.15

We are happy to inform you that the development of update 0.15 is on schedule and should be released approximately by February 10.

Although we encountered some difficulties when updating the Ren'Py system to the latest version, we believe that everything will turn out as we originally planned.

All the images are already drawn and traced, and all that remains is to color some and animate a few other scenes that the next update will include.

We take the opportunity to show you another scene that will be from the next update, where our dear Frida will use her artistic skills to make a portrait of... someone.

In the image, we show you a little about the process we use for some images, using tools such as 3D models, it helpd us place the character we want in a certain position, and thus helps us with perspective.

We are very grateful to those who patiently wait for each update we make. We strive to bring you the most fun and naughty scenes, for everyone's entertainment!

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