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Final touches are being made!

Some of our Alpha players are currently reviewing the story and ensuring that everything we include in the new chapters makes sense and follows the storyline we have been creating for so long.

We don't want to add content just for the sake of adding material and to come up with stories that make no sense; instead, we want all the elements of our gane (characters, plot lines, stories, arcs, etc.) to be in harmony, so other people's opinions are critical. And that is where our Alpha players come in, who are basically people close to us but not directly part of the team. This way, we guarantee their opinion is as fair, honest and accurate as possible.

This sometimes gives us feedback regarding issues that are confusing or don't completely fit in with other stories, so a bit of rewriting and new images are added.

Right now, we are at that stage where we are adding a little more content so that the game fits well with what we have done so far.

We plan to launch version 0.15 of the game on February 10(ish), and everything indicates it will be that way.

Thanks to all the players and Patreons for your support!

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