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On to the next release!

Now it is time to think about what is next, and we are happy to announce who our two lucky girls will be who will receive an update in the next release of the game, which is scheduled for late March or early April.

As some of you may have noticed, the 0.15 release wasn’t made with the newer version of Ren'py. This was due to compatibility issues, specifically the way some objects were displayed. And instead of delaying the launch for a few days, we decided it was better to launch the update with the previous version, and thus stick to the established schedule.

Fortunately, this meant that we had more time and calmly solved some details, since we had to rebuild several areas of the game, and likewise, we created internal backup systems so that every time you load a game, the system verifies that it is working the way it should.

This latest version that we are releasing, version 0.151, includes fixes for some bugs that appear in the main release and some improvements in the way the game plays. You will notice that the game loads even faster.

To download the latest version, please go to: https://thehighschooldays.com/downloads/ 

We will be bringing to you two new stories. One in which our MC will have to help his co-worker make her dream come true; and another in which he will rekindle an old flame he thought was in the past.

We thank each of the players who point out details that we can improve in the game, as well as all the Patreons who, with their contribution, help so that every day there are more of us who enjoy our crazy stories.

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