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Someone is making a comeback...

  • Monday, February 26, 2024
  • Tags: 0.16

Ever since Emma’s character was created, the idea of her story was set up. Since we created her, we knew which path she would take. However, in order to start it, we first needed to make another story, which has already been created.

In the next update, some old characters we once used will make their comeback, and one of them will take rightful her place as a permanent love interest. And not just a character used on one or two occasions as a supporting character!

Emma’s story is quite long since we must also deal with her love life since we established that she has a boyfriend. So, we will divide her event into 4 parts which will be all included in the next update.

We hope you like what we are cooking up for all of you guys and enjoy the game as much as we love creating it, and thanks to all of our Patreons who make this game possible!

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