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There isn’t, and there will never be AI-generated content on HSD

  • Wednesday, March 20, 2024
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We have recently been asked (mainly via X.com) if we are including AI-generated content in the game. This is because we have uploaded images made by fans, generated with artificial intelligence.

And, although we consider the creation of content via AI as an art form in itself, within the game, we do not plan to use it, and that is because, no matter how advanced this technology is, we do not believe it is capable of fully expressing what we have in mind.

We have seen through various spaces very interesting images and videos, and it requires a very special talent to be able to train an AI to generate this type of material. But, we feel that much of this is generated in a very random way, and if we want to give personalized attention to each character, each dialogue, and above all, to the players, we have to create absolutely all the content by heart, and not rely on technology that, no matter how good it may be, does not always accurately express the author's desire, just to cut corners.

We respect each of the artists who work in this area, and we thank everyone who has offered us their talent But, within HSD, we want to create content very heartily, which, we believe, AI is still some distance away from achieving.

We are very grateful to all the players who continue to support us in the creation of this project, and we assure you that we will continue to strive to bring you the best story with the naughtiest content that we can create.

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