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The results of the survey are in!

  • Tuesday, April 2, 2024
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A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our second performance survey. It gave us vital and valuable feedback about our work and showed us in what areas we can improve.

We were planning to wait until April 30th to select our first survey winner, but because we received so many entries in such a short time, we decided to go ahead and select our first winner, and it's s*******56@hotmail.com! (Please, check your email, both inbox the junk mail.)

So, thank you very much to everyone who participated! We will select another at the end of April.

Some of the information we have received is the following:

  • In terms of art, animation, and story, players are happy. However, the minigames are still a part not enjoyed as much, although we feel they are essential in making the game a little more challenging. We will try not to add more unless it is very necessary.

  • Again, the favorite character is Chloe, which does not surprise us, and although we have already started the path of her story, we will take a little time to expand in such a way that it feels organic and real, and not something that we include in a rush and that could ruin the story we have been telling so far. Emma is the second most requested character, and we are pleased to report that the update we are working (0.16) on will be mostly focused on her, which is set to be released in the following weeks.

  • It seems that most people do not use or don’t know that the Wiki or the Walkthrough exist, so we will strive to promote them even more so players know that these tools exist and are essential to help advance in the game, or simply getting to know more about a character.

The information they provided us helped us mark the path of what is to come in the future of the game, what characters to prioritize, and which ones to leave for the moment as well as the themes that we should include in the future stories we develop.

Well, once more, a big THANKS to everyone! We remind you that the survey will stay up indefinitely, so we ask everyone who hasn’t participated yet to check it out. Let us know your ideas and suggestions and help us continue improving the game.

Participate in the survey by clicking here: https://thsd.fun/survey-01

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