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A new frontier is about to be breached!

  • Monday, April 8, 2024
  • Tags: Emma, 0.16

In our next release, our hero will visit the house of another highly requested character. That's right! Emma's house.

In the last survey we carried out, the second most requested character for us to expand her story was Emma, and with good reason, since she is a happy, pretty, and, above all, very sexy girl. So, as part of her history, we will get to know where she lives. To start her story, you will need to have done the “Monster Hunt” and “Breaking the Internet” events, so if you haven’t done it, hop on it!

Another story will be Elizabeth's. It is time for our hero to face a past love and deal with the consequences of having his ex-girlfriend visiting when he has already moved on. To start her story, you will need to have done the “Patching Things Up” event.

We are planning for the game to come out around April 15, so we are already less than a week away. Thank you all very much for your patience while waiting for the new update. We already have part of the script ready for the release that follows as try to shorten the time between releases.

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