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Version 0.163 fix released!

We have released version 0.163, which fixes some errors detected by players.

Some of bugs fixed are the following:

  • ⁠Ginger and Frida's final scene from the "Patching Things Up" event is looped.
  • For some players, Cat Girl is not showing.
  • ⁠Fix being unable to go to the pool with Sophie after the Gala.
  • Fixed the error when you returned home with Chloe from the Gala.

Basically, returning home with two girls (Frida and Ginger) instead of one caused a problem with various variables originally made for one character, not two or more.

But we think it's already resolved.

If you want to see the full list of bug fixes, you can see the change-log of the game's development by clicking here.

We thank all the players who follow our game and help us polish it so that it improves every day and we can all enjoy it.

To download, please go to https://www.thehighschooldays.com/downloads/

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