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On the road toward 0.17!

We thank all the players who enjoyed update 0.16 in which we strive to change the way we develop our game.

From now on, we are going to try fulfilling a similar scheme, where two characters will have an update to their story in every release, as it was with Emma and Elizabeth but adding a third scene as part of one story, as was the case with Katherine.

We have many characters whose story has already been extended enough, and they will serve to complement the story of others that we must expand. But, this does not mean that in the future they will not have their story extended.

Now, we will focus our efforts to work on the next update, which we plan to release in the second half of June and will have two characters as protagonists, which will be Violet and Brianne!

We are very grateful for your preference, especially to all the Patreons who make it possible for us to continue bringing you sexy, funny, and naughty stories.

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