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A long overdue interaction...

One of the stories we are trying to expand is Brianne’s. This busty girl was a commission that was made to us several months ago, but due to time issues, we have not been able to carry it out. It is time for us to attend to this commitment.

Fortunately, the Patreon that requested this character from us made very clear the story he would like to revolve around this girl, so her story is already more or less established.

If you would like to know how to commission your own character, you can see the documentation here: https://thsd.fun/commissions

If everything goes as planned, the game update will be released in the middle of next month, trying to make the timing of game updates a standard 45 to 55 days.

Thank you very much to everyone for your constant support, especially to the Patreons who make the development of this project possible!

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